BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterServer persistenceJulian Arni6 months
origin/HEADServer persistenceJulian Arni6 months
origin/b/ghcjs-working-againGet GHCJS client compiling again.Julian K. Arni6 months
origin/b/no-recursive-chain-evalDo not use recursive eval for chain explorationThomas Scholtes6 months
origin/b/pretty-print-readablethey are all over the placeJulian Arni6 months
origin/f/datumAdd send/receive to env. Julian Arni6 months
origin/f/deploy-ghcjswipJulian K. Arni6 months
origin/f/ensure-history-dir-existsCreate history file parent directory if necessaryThomas Scholtes6 months
origin/f/hashExport all the things.James Henri Haydon6 months
origin/f/history-fileImprove XDG filesThomas Scholtes6 months
origin/f/in-lang-docwipJames Henri Haydon6 months
origin/f/rad-apiImprove remote chain interactionThomas Scholtes6 months
origin/gentagsAdd hothasktags generator script (dev tool).Luke Palmer6 months
origin/hxrts-patch-1small readme updatesSam Hart6 months
origin/masterServer persistenceJulian Arni6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-26Server persistenceHEADorigin/masterorigin/HEADmasterJulian Arni
2018-10-26Issues guideJames Haydon
2018-10-25Merge pull request #166 from oscoin/b/update-chainThomas Scholtes
2018-10-25Fix 'update-chain'Thomas Scholtes
2018-10-25Fix some nix-shell env stuff. Julian Arni
2018-10-24Update radicle files to reflect new evalJulian Arni
2018-10-18String literals are parsed/printed with escape sequences (#158)James Haydon
2018-10-18Added some From/ToRad instances and primfns. (#156)James Haydon
2018-10-18`load!` errors report the file loaded. (#125)James Haydon
2018-10-18Add send/receive to env. origin/f/datumJulian Arni